Life Insurance premiums are set to go up in 2013

Saturday, 21st April, 2012

You may have seen recent press the EU has ruled that from December women will need to pay the same as men for life cover as well as other insurance premiums.  This will mean a potentially significant increase in women’s premiums if purchased after 21st December 2012. Historically women have always paid less for their life cover as on average they live longer than men. However the new directive from the EU has stated that insurance companies cannot discriminate towards men and therefore women’s premiums are set to rise. This however does not mean that everyone’s premiums will be the same. Factors such as age, occupation and health will still have an impact on your risk and therefore how much you will pay for your policy. The new ruling only states that your gender will no longer have an effect.  There are also other factors due to come in next year that will impact on your premiums. Tax for life insurance providers are set to change and many will experience higher tax bills. This means there might be an increase on all new customers’ policies with premiums rising across all insurance products they offer.  If you don’t have life insurance or critical illness cover now is the time to consider this. There are a number of options available on the market, including life cover, critical illness cover, family income benefit, income protection and many many more. Here at Complete Mortgages in Guildford, Surrey we can take the hassle out of purchasing insurance products and we can review your circumstances and find the right cover for you.  So, if you are looking to arrange your insurance or protection pleas contact us today to see how we can help.