Don’t take a mortgage holiday (unless you really have to)

Wednesday, 12th August, 2020

The thing about holidays is that they often fall when you really need them. Whether you’re flying to the Caribbean or driving to Cornwall (the more likely of the two …Continue Reading

Reduce mortgage uncertainty by remortgaging

Wednesday, 29th July, 2020

We imagine that by now, there’s a little COVID fatigue amongst the majority of you. After all, there are only so many news reports – all of which generally point …Continue Reading

Equity release mortgage checklist

Saturday, 25th July, 2020

Equity release mortgages are now more robust than ever following the Equity Release Council’s decision to expand its checklist for mortgage advisers – a guide to help mortgage brokers decide …Continue Reading

Stamp duty holiday delivers big bonus for buy to let investors

Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020

After years of calm – not to mention generous returns for property investors – the buy to let property market hit choppy waters in 2016 when ex-Chancellor George Osborne made …Continue Reading

Tips for first time buyer mortgage applicants

Monday, 13th July, 2020

We’ve provided advice for first time buyers from a number of perspectives over the years. We’ve even produced a free downloadable guide to first time buyer mortgages, which included 13 …Continue Reading

Stamp duty cut could save you £15,000

Thursday, 9th July, 2020

The last few months have been turbulent, to say the least. And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably lost track of the countless bailouts, measures and financial packages …Continue Reading

Guildford mortgage broker boosts Equity Release offering

Tuesday, 16th June, 2020

Award-winning Guildford mortgage adviser, Complete Mortgages, has strengthened its Equity Release mortgage team after one of its brokers secured the coveted Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER) at the beginning …Continue Reading

Why you shouldn’t put off getting insurance cover

Friday, 12th June, 2020

We know that there are many people out there who are happy to take their chances when it comes to buying personal insurance cover. Of those people, there will be …Continue Reading

Getting a first time buyer mortgage post-Coronavirus

Monday, 8th June, 2020

Imagine you’ve saved hard – for many years – and have finally reached the point whereby you have enough money for a deposit on a property you like. And then …Continue Reading

Getting a mortgage after lockdown

Tuesday, 26th May, 2020

The last few articles have covered getting a mortgage during lockdown (and demonstrated that despite this strange time, you can still apply for a mortgage from the comfort of your …Continue Reading