Would you like to appear on “Secret Agent”, Channel 4?

Tuesday, 11th September, 2012

Raise the Roof Productions are planning on filming some episodes of Channel 4’s property programme, Secret Agent, in Surrey over the next few weeks and they’re looking for people to take part – specifically house hunters!

Complete Mortgages has been contacted as Channel 4 are looking for buyers who have their mortgage in place, or at least in principle, and would benefit from our help in finding them their dream home.  They would take details of what you’re looking for and by doing the search on your behalf, take all the stress out of house hunting.  Once they find what you’re looking for and you hopefully put in an offer, you can return to us to secure the mortgage.

Filming itself would be minimal and the buyers are only needed for half a day.  So they take on your property search full time and you just have to come along and view the shortlist of properties they select.

Filming will begin in the next couple of weeks so they are hoping to find contributors as soon as possible.  They are filming more than one episode so they’re looking for more than one buyer.

Please contact Mark Finnegan by e-mail if you are interested in appearing on the show.