As a Guildford mortgage broker that’s been in business since 2006, Complete Mortgages has seen many mortgage products come and go. Of course, core products such as fixed rate mortgages, first time buyer mortgages and even buy to let mortgages will always be around. However, there has been a rise in different types of mortgages of late – one of which is the green mortgage.

By now, you’re probably aware of the UK’s drive to become net zero (or carbon neutral) by 2050. Whilst it’s still 29 years away, it’s a monumental task and there is a huge amount of work to do if we are to achieve it.

Interestingly, a recent Ipsos MORI poll revealed that the appetite to reach this target could be there. According to the findings, 66% of the British population believe that in the long-term, climate change is as serious a crisis as COVID-19.

One of the key target areas in transitioning to a green economy is housing, which is where green mortgages come in.

Green mortgages are mortgages that reward people who either buy an energy efficient property, or who use the loan to improve the sustainability credentials of their existing property. In terms of tangible rewards, those applying for a green mortgage can expect:

1. Good interest rates

2. Cashback

3. Access to a larger loan than you may usually be able to access with standard mortgage products

In terms of making a property greener, there are many options to explore. At one end of the spectrum there is the opportunity to upgrade windows to double (or even triple) glazing. However, those who are more adventurous – and arguably more environmentally-driven – may be interested in installing solar panels, air source heat pumps and even wind turbines.

From an environmental standpoint they represent a win-win. And, if green mortgages can help stop you from going in the red as a result of their money-saving potential, then even better.

There are a number of green mortgages currently on the market. The good news is that as a specialist mortgage broker, Complete Mortgages has access to the most competitive green mortgages available.

If you’re committed to going green by boosting the environmental credentials of your current home, or if you’re considering buying a more energy efficient property, then call our team of mortgage advisers in Guildford on 01483 238280 or email