They say you shouldn’t believe your own hype – but it’s hard not to when you’re the face of LV’s insurance campaign on the back of being one of the top advisers for home insurance sales in the UK.

I’m joking, of course, with regards to believing my own hype; whilst it was nice to be presented with the accolade, I was genuinely surprised. I was also surprised when LV’s marketing team paid me a visit at the fire station where I work as an on call firefighter.

Interestingly, it seems that being an award-winning Guildford insurance broker and a part-time firefighter goes hand in hand – from a sales and safety perspective, at least.

During the visit, they took countless pictures, some of which will appear in the forthcoming campaign on fire safety. And, with the colder season coming up, I thought I’d share – and possibly steal a march on – LV’s campaign by providing my favourite three tips on how to keep your home fire safe this winter.

1. Raise the alarm

Well, hopefully not literally. But certainly to the ceiling. Yes, smoke alarms are an obvious tip – but they’re still overlooked, which is hard to fathom when they’re cheap to buy and easy to install. A smoke detector should be installed in every room apart from the bathroom and kitchen. Not only that, but you should schedule monthly checks to make sure that they still work.

2. No overload

Overloaded plug sockets are a hazard. Having more than one plug in a socket – typically via an extension block or lead – can start a fire if the appliances are drawing a lot of power. Also, be sure to check the leads for scorch marks or exposed wires. Use the correct extension cords, too, and never charge devices under pillows or mattresses.

3. Beware the batteries

Lithium batteries are everywhere – and they can cause fires. To avoid a battery-related home fire you should: always use the charger that came with the product; follow the manufacturer’s charging instructions; never leave a charger plugged in overnight or unattended, and regularly check batteries for signs of damage.

Although not fire-related, home burglaries tend to increase around the festive season, too (we’ll provide more information on this in the run up to Christmas). So adequate home insurance cover must be in place to protect you against a series of potential seasonal risks.

Are you adequately covered? Find out in minutes by speaking with a Guildford home insurance specialist. Contact Adam direct on adam@complete-mortgages.co.uk or call the Complete Mortgages office on 01483 238280.

By Adam Perry, Guildford insurance adviser at Complete Mortgages