As a Guildford mortgage broker that’s become synonymous with getting the best mortgage deals in the UK for our clients, we’ve also become experts in a wide range of mortgage products – from those that fall within the standard camp, such as first-time buyer mortgages, to those at the more complex end of the spectrum, such as adverse mortgages.

But what you probably didn’t know is that our specialist team of Guildford mortgage advisers are also experts in mortgages for sports professionals, too.

What’s the difference?

Typically speaking, mortgages for sportspeople are different from standard mortgages in that lenders know that the lifespan of a professional sportsperson’s career is short compared with typical careers.

As a result, lenders will often provide mortgages that cover the player up until the age of 35. If you’re a sportsperson on short-term contracts with no idea how long your career will be (which, let’s face it, applies to ALL professional sportspeople), this is incredibly limiting – and doesn’t offer the stability that you might require, particularly if you have a family.

Our team of mortgage brokers in Guildford can not only secure mortgages that cover sportspeople who will be older than 35 years old at the end of the term, but also our panel of lenders is diverse, which means that regardless of your own unique situation – and sportspeople are quite unique in the context of mortgages – we’ll be able to help.

In good hands

As a mortgage broker that’s been in business for almost 20 years, we’ve secured many mortgages for professional sportspeople who play rugby and football. In fact, we’ve even sponsored many high-profile players, some of whom have become clients over the years.

Our knowledge of the professional sportsperson mortgage market, our access to a wide panel of specialist lenders and our UK-wide reputation means that you’ll always have trusted professionals working on your behalf.

Admittedly, mortgages for professional sportspeople is a niche area, but it’s one we have extensive experience in.

The ball is in your court

Are you a professional sportsperson looking to buy your family home or add another property to your portfolio? 

If so, contact our team of professional sportsperson mortgage brokers on 01483 238280 or by emailing info@complete-mortgages.co.uk.