There are countless benefits of personal protection. From life insurance and income protection to critical illness cover and everything in between, the simple fact is that if you pay into an insurance premium and something happens to you – be it illness or death – then you or a loved one will receive money.

That’s the obvious benefit, of course. However, there are many more benefits – some subtle, others less so – that make getting insurance a much more attractive prospect.

As a Guildford insurance broker, we know all about the benefits of insurance. Yet there’s one in particular that jumps out at the moment – and that’s the fact that through health insurance, you can now access a private GP, any time and from anywhere, for free. 

The insurance world’s best kept secret?

According to a recent piece in The Times, one in four adults can’t see a GP.

There’s definitely been a shift when it comes to GP availability since COVID. But one in four people? That’s a far cry from the doctor-patient relationship of the past, whereby doctors knew their patients’ names and their availability was a given.

Over three years since COVID first came to the UK, the problem of restricted GP availability persists. And this is why getting life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection through Complete Cover, the sister brand of Complete Mortgages, is becoming increasingly popular.

Through any of those three policies, you can access a health specialist that matches your specific ailment. If you’re suffering from migraines, you might be referred to a neurologist. Struggling with back pain? Maybe you’ll get to see an orthopaedic specialist.

If you just want to see a GP, then it doesn’t even matter if you’re abroad. Via a phone call or video call, you’ll not only be able to access a specialist via a private GP appointment, but you’ll also be able to access prescriptions wherever you are in the country.

No limits, no charge

Despite this added benefit being completely free, and although there are no limitations when it comes to the number of times you need to see a private GP, this is a little-known benefit that the vast majority of the UK population are unaware of.

So, rather than join what these days is a long queue for the doctor, why not take out a life insurance, critical illness or income protection policy with us in a move that will not only provide you with private meetings with a GP, but will also pay out if a qualifying event occurs.

Adam Perry, our Guildford insurance specialist, says: “This really is the insurance world’s best kept secret. As more and more pressure piles on the NHS and its precious resources become more and more stretched, taking out personal insurance provides a sure-fire way in which to access a specialist whenever you need them – and without the wait.”

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