Remortgage Guide

A remortgage is an ideal opportunity to review all of your financial arrangements.

Since you last arranged a mortgage the market has probably changed – along with the rates. The chances are that we can save you money compared with what you are currently paying.

And it’s really easy to do, too. Simply follow our guide below.

Our step-by-step guide to remortgaging.

  • Contact Complete Mortgages two to three months before your current rate ends for guidance on the best products available. We will always check what deals your existing lender will offer as well as what’s available across the market.
    If you are an existing customer we will contact you automatically as part of our Mortgage Review Service.
  • Once we have agreed on the best mortgage and you are happy to proceed we will submit your formal mortgage application, together with any documents that the lender requests i.e. payslips and / or bank statements. The lender will commission a valuation report through an approved surveyor as part of the process.
  • The lender will also instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf (usually for free), and provide them with full details of the property and new loan. They will carry out the legal searches, then send you a mortgage deed and questionnaire which should be completed and returned with a copy of your buildings insurance policy.
    In some cases, where the lender does not provide a free legal service, you will need to instruct your own solicitor. Sometimes the lender will pay a cashback towards legals costs instead of free legals. We have a panel of solicitors available to cater for either of these situations.
  • The valuation report arrives at the lender and, assuming all is in order, they will issue the mortgage offer letter. Copies will be posted to you, the solicitor and Complete Mortgages.
  • The solicitor will then set a completion date and request a redemption statement, showing the balance of your mortgage as at the date of completion. If you are borrowing additional funds, they will confirm the amount to be paid to you and how they will pay this for example by cheque or bank transfer.
  • On the completion day you don’t need to worry about a thing. We will contact the solicitors to check that your remortgage has completed and then we will call you to confirm the details.
  • Treat yourself to something nice with the money you’ve saved!

If you want to raise funds for home improvements or consolidate other loans this can be arranged, provided that you have sufficient equity in your property. Just be aware that consolidating any unsecured debts may incur more interest over the longer term.

There will be a fee for arranging your mortgage and the precise amount will depend upon your circumstances. This fee will typically be between £399.00 and £699.00, depending on the type of mortgage that you are arranging and is payable upon application.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We always aim to provide a high quality service to our customers. However, if you encounter any problems and we are unable to resolve them you can take your complaint to an independent Ombudsman. Our advice is covered under the Financial Ombudsman Service (

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