Reduce mortgage uncertainty by remortgaging

Wednesday, 29th July, 2020
Reduce mortgage uncertainty by remortgaging

We imagine that by now, there’s a little COVID fatigue amongst the majority of you. After all, there are only so many news reports – all of which generally point to economic uncertainty – that one person can stand.

So, we’ll keep this as brief and upbeat as possible.

Amid all the uncertainty the UK’s currently faced with, there is one thing that you can be certain of, and it’s that finding yourself on a standard variable mortgage will significantly increase your mortgage payments. Another certainty is that by remortaging – ideally before you default to the standard variable rate (SVR) – you will save money on your mortgage.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, there are still great mortgage deals available on the market, so there’s really no excuse to settle for the SVR – ever.

According to research from, those about to fall onto the SVR could face paying an additional £2,000 a year – or just under £170 per month – in interest. The same research also suggests that up to 850,000 homes could be impacted by this within the next six months.

Our team of Guildford mortgage brokers are really hot on this, and we always ensure that all of our existing clients are made aware of when their current mortgage deal ends and the SVR mortgage begins. However, if you’re not one of our clients and aren’t aware of when you’ll enter SVR territory, then you’re unlikely to know until you spot an increase in your monthly mortgage payments.

The way to address this is easy. All you need to do is call Complete Mortgages on 01483 238280 or email and we’ll quickly establish where you are with your current mortgage, and offer you some options as to where you could be by remortgaging.

In these uncertain times we’d encourage you to fix certainty wherever you can – and getting a better mortgage is one way in which to do this, particularly as we don’t know what’s around the corner when it comes to interest rates.

Whether you’re looking to remortgage, get a first time buyer mortgage or arrange a buy to let mortgage, our team of experienced mortgage brokers in Guildford are here to help.

By Mark Finnegan at Complete Mortgages

Time to buy a property in Bournemouth?

Thursday, 6th October, 2016
Bournemouth mortgage broker

The property market is, as Jimmy Greaves would often say about football, a funny old game.

And similar to football, it’s littered with ups and downs, peaks and troughs, winners and losers. Some people may find themselves living in an area that housing market intelligence states is – or is soon to be – thriving. Others may find themselves in an area that, according to industry reports, is experiencing a slowdown.

Some live in both, as is the case with Bournemouth.

Back in January of this year Bournemouth experienced the sharpest increase in house prices out of all areas across England and Wales, with Your Move stating how the average Bournemouth property price went up by 2.9%, which was faster than anywhere else1. Fast forward to this month and it would appear that Bournemouth and other southern cities including Oxford and Cambridge are ‘leading a slowdown’ in the UK’s property market2.

Talk about a fall from grace.

However, we need to keep in mind how UK property values fluctuate on a continual basis and that nothing lasts forever. In fact, as a Bournemouth mortgage broker, I see this as an opportunity for those looking to buy a property in the region.

When it comes to the stock market, investors live and die by the sword. If they buy low and sell high, they make money. Conversely, if they buy high and values drop then they can lose money. The trick is to buy at the right time. The housing market isn’t so fickle in as much as we rarely see property prices fall, however the recent slowdown provides the opportunity for property investors looking to arrange a buy to let mortgage – or even those looking to secure a first time buyer mortgage – to enter the Bournemouth property market before property prices once again begin spiralling out of reach and before housing intelligence reveals that Bournemouth has fallen back into favour.

The reason for Bournemouth’s boost in property values at the beginning of the year was a result of the region’s growing digital economy, or the ‘silicon beach surge’, which saw a 212% in new digital companies enter Bournemouth and Poole between 2010 and 2013. This kind of growth trajectory simply doesn’t end overnight.

Equally, if we take a look at the recent reasons given for a slowdown in Bournemouth’s property prices then it mainly comes down to the EU referendum’s fallout, the fears of which have been allayed by national newspapers stating that the post-referendum impact wasn’t as drastic as many had anticipated.

From my perspective, as a mortgage broker in Bournemouth, I would say that this ‘downturn’ represents an opportunity for those who have been thinking about applying for a mortgage to get the ball rolling whilst we’ve been afforded this ‘pause’ in house growth.

After all, when prices begin to rise again – and they will – it simply means in real terms that the value of your deposit will diminish.

If you’re looking for Bournemouth mortgage advice or are ready to apply for a mortgage, regardless of whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned property investor, Complete Mortgages can help find the right mortgage deal for you. Contact the team on 01202 049661 or email 

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2 The Telegraph

By Jo Frankowski, Senior Mortgage Broker at Complete Mortgages Bournemouth office