Well, it should be – especially if you’re a homeowner that’s about to revert to the standard variable rate mortgage (SVR).

Mortgages are a bit like birthdays in as much as everyone’s start dates are different and spread across the 365 days of the year. Therefore, just as someone somewhere is celebrating their birthday right now, someone else is clicking onto the more expensive SVR.

However, whilst birthdays can’t be avoided, the SVR can be through a simple process – remortgaging.

Getting a good remortgage deal is similar to applying for a mortgage – only much easier. As a mortgage broker in Guildford that’s constantly helping our existing clients get good remortgage deals, we already have their details on file. So, not only do we know when to intervene – our client’s ‘mortgage birthday’, if you will – but as we’ve previously gone through their history in detail, there’s no need to do it to the forensic degree that we might do at the initial mortgage application.

If you’ve already used Complete Mortgages to get a mortgage, then you really needn’t worry – in fact, you may as well stop reading this. We’ll simply contact you when the time’s right.

If, however, you’re not already with Complete Mortgages, then the onus is on you (or your current mortgage broker) to steer you clear of SVR territory.

Another point to consider when it comes to remortgaging, and if you don’t have Complete Mortgages proactively keeping you out of the SVR zone, is that summer is fast approaching. So, if your mortgage is due to default to the SVR during the holiday period – a time when things get put off in favour of, well, having fun and relaxing – then the months of July, August and September could cost you more in monthly mortgage payments than they perhaps need to.

Again, if you’re a Complete Mortgages customer then there’s no need to worry. We’ll make contact with you in good time. However, if you’re not and you think that summer could be the time in which your cheaper mortgage deal ends and the SVR begins, then why not call us and let us find a new mortgage for you.

We have access to a comprehensive panel of lenders and some of the more exclusive deals, too.

Get in touch with the Complete Mortgages remortgaging team on 01483 238280 or email info@complete-mortgages.co.uk. We’re also first time buyer mortgage experts, buy to let mortgages specialists and an adverse credit mortgage broker, too.